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The Beauty of a Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Yellow diamond engagement ring.

The yellow diamond engagement ring is one of the most coveted symbols of love for many reasons, not least of them its exquisiteness. Its beauty is breathtaking. The rare, stunning color gives the stone incomparable shine and a majestic, regal attractiveness.

The yellow diamond is associated with love and celebrated for its beauty for many reasons. Read below to find out why the yellow diamond is so highly cherished amongst luxury consumers and stone connoisseurs.

The Meaning and Significance of Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings:

  • Yellow diamonds get their color from their high nitrogen concentrations. The purer the diamond is, the brighter its color will be. Darker, brown-tinted yellow diamonds are less coveted, but still applauded generously for their remarkable beauty.
  • Canary yellow stones are symbols of love and commitment, which is why it most commonly adorns an engagement or wedding band. Because of the high levels of nitrogen and absence of other chemicals, the yellow diamond is considered very pure. Its purity is thus reflected in the wearer’s pure love in her heart and for her significant other. It is also symbolic of the giver’s pure love of heart and faithfulness to committing to the wearer.
  • The most intense yellow diamonds come from South Africa and are a rare luxury, highly sought after around the world.
  • Yellow shows the value of the diamond without great scrutiny, which makes it a popular choice amongst many. While the quality of clarity and cut are not immediately apparent in the yellow stone, its color immediately registers with an onlooker as rare and pure.
  • The color yellow is associated with sunlight, joy, and prosperity. It is the color of a happy, social energy. The color itself will lend these qualities to the wearer and any onlookers. Further, it complements the inner yellow energy of the wearer, letting her sunny disposition and bright personality be easily shared with the world and those around her. Together, the energy of the stone and the person make for an unstoppable, adorable representation of the sun.
  • The engagement ring yellow diamond is not the only occasion for the sunny aura. Yellow diamonds stretch far back into history and as one of the rarest diamond colors, it is coveted by many for a plethora of reasons beyond engagement.
  • Yellow gemstones are reflective is passion and inner strength. In western society, chakras (or points of energy in the body) are associated with color. The third chakra, the solar plexus, is located at rib level and parallel’s a person’s willpower and sense of self. The metaphysics of the stone’s canary color help to balance the wearer’s third chakra and inner strength. The strength symbolism of yellow is also reflective of the strength of the wearer, the giver and/or their relationship.
  • Opposite of inner strength are greed, envy, and treachery. Yellow helps to reconcile these negative energies and keep the wearer’s life free from such ugly qualities. The stone can either serve to remove these energies as they surface in the wearer’s life, or remove them in order to prepare a wearer for an upcoming event, such as an engagement. Removing the negativity for either reason allows more space for happiness, joy, love and inner strength, which are the stones naturally arising metaphysical qualities.

Is it time for your yellow diamond engagement? Browse Angel Designs or reach out to our team to learn more about the precious stone. We will do everything we can to ensure you end up with the stone that is meant for your style and personal aura.


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