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Fall in Love with Our Two Toned Ametrine Ring Surrounded by White Diamonds

Two Toned Ametrine Ring

One of our favorite wedding ring designs is this two toned Ametrine ring with white diamonds.

This ring is suitable for those not afraid to wear a little bit of extra bling on their finger. Made out of white gold and covered in tiny white diamonds along with a beautiful two-toned Ametrine as the main gem, this ring will shine on your bride’s hand like no other.

There’s a legend regarding Ametrine – a conquistador has brought Ametrine to Europe, as a gift to the Spanish Queen, after marrying a princess from a local tribe and receiving a mine in Bolivia as a dowry. Truly, this outstanding stone will make any bride feel like a Queen.

The Ametrine is said to have spiritual powers as well. It is believed that this stone unites masculine and feminine energy, meaning it’s a perfect stone for adorning wedding rings. No wonder that this is one of the finest wedding ring designs out there.

 Although this ring is primarily a wedding ring, there’s no reason not to wear it as any other piece of jewelry, if you’ve fallen in love with it. This bold piece of art is the work of best ring designers, making sure that it stands out on fingers of those who dare wear it.

Meticulously crafted, this timeless piece of jewelry can only be worn by those who are confident and brave. Rest assured, once on your finger; it will make many heads turn to see its beauty.


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