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Fall in Love with Our Two Toned Ametrine Ring Surrounded by White Diamonds

Two Toned Ametrine Ring

One of our favorite wedding ring designs is this two toned Ametrine ring with white diamonds. This ring is suitable for those not afraid to wear a little bit of extra bling on their finger. Made out of white gold and covered in tiny white diamonds along with a beautiful two-toned Ametrine as the main…

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Engagement Rings – What is a drop halo

Drop Halo Engagement Rings

Halo rings are trending on the market of engagement rings today, and when you see them, you’ll understand why. Drop halo rings are both avant-garde engagement rings and vintage style engagement rings. They are modern and timeless at the same time. The interesting thing is that the halo style has been frowned upon as just…

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How To Choose the Right Diamond Cut for your Beloved

How To Choose the Right Diamond Cut for your Beloved

You’ve finally met your dream girl, and now you’re ready to pop the question. You can picture it all in your mind, the romantic setting, her surprise then delight as you go down on one knee and say those four magic words “Will you marry me?” and present her with a stunning engagement ring. And…

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Angel Designs Beautiful Timeless Ring Collection

Angel Designs Beautiful Timeless Ring collection

Nothing says love more than a diamond ring, and as love never goes out of style, neither should your ring. As one of Bellevue’s premier jewelry specialists, Angel Designs Jewelry is proud to be able to offer its clients something for everyone. Whether you are looking for timeless engagement rings or just want to buy…

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Adorn Her Finger with a Vintage Style Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is probably one of the most important pieces of jewelry you will ever buy. Not only is it a symbol of your love and commitment, but you’ll also be looking at it every day for a long time to come. This is why most people will recommend you get something “vintage” or…

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What Is a Promise Ring The Real Meaning

Promise Ring

Promise ring, purity ring, commitment ring, pre-engagement ring—oh my! There’s been a lot of confusion around promise rings. What does a promise ring mean? What finger does a promise ring go on? How do you get one, give one, buy one, return one? We interviewed expert jewelers to demystify the meaning behind this post-modern, pre-matrimonial…

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10 Most Famous Engagement Rings in History

jackie kennedy engagement ring Famous Engagement Rings

We rounded up 10 of our all-time favorite celebrity engagement rings that’ll never go out of style. When it comes to famous engagement rings, there are diamonds, and then there are diamonds (and in Jacqueline Kennedy’s case, a diamond and an emerald—surrounded by more diamonds!). From Queen Elizabeth II to Queen Bey, we present to…

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The Biggest Engagement Ring Trends for 2017

Engagement Ring Trends

Hoping to find something extra sparkly beneath the Christmas tree? The jewelry experts at Blue Nile gave us the scoop on which engagement ring styles are trending and will continue to gain momentum in the coming year. 1. Iconic Minimalist A solitaire setting or one with graduated side stones adorning the center diamond is beautiful…

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Buying the Perfect Engagement RIng

Perfect Engagement RIng

Find the girl who is the “one.” Check. Ask her father for her hand in marriage. Check. Plan the perfect proposal. Check. Buy engagement ring. Hmmmm….. Buying an engagement ring can be an overwhelming task. There’s a lot of pressure on this purchase. It’s a symbol of your love for your girlfriend, and it’s a…

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Engagement Ring vs. Wedding Ring: What’s The Difference

Engagement Ring vs Wedding Ring

What’s the difference between an engagement ring vs. a wedding ring? Well, it’s all in the name and style! An engagement ring is exactly what you think they might be. It’s a ring given to the bride during a proposal, and typically features a diamond or beautiful gemstone. The bride wears the ring during her…

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