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Engagement Rings – What is a drop halo

Drop Halo Engagement Rings

Halo rings are trending on the market of engagement rings today, and when you see them, you’ll understand why. Drop halo rings are both avant-garde engagement rings and vintage style engagement rings. They are modern and timeless at the same time. The interesting thing is that the halo style has been frowned upon as just another jewelry style ready to go out of fashion, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Here’s why this drop halo craze isn’t about to go away anytime soon:

You can’t go wrong with a halo ring

Due to its classic design, halo rings are brides’ favorite.

Halo rings are paved with many tiny white diamonds, adding up to the overall wow impression of this classic design. It’s no surprise that halo rings have become the number one favorite engagement rings.

What is a drop halo?

A common mistake people make is thinking that a halo stands for the entire ring. No, the halo is actually a band of tiny diamonds surrounding the central stone, enhancing its beauty, shape, and size. Although it may seem like it holds too much bling, a drop halo is seen from the side of the ring, not from bird’s eye angle. The halo protects the central diamond from everyday wear and accidents like scratching or rubbing against surfaces.

This Avant Garde Timeless Engagement Ring from Angel Designs is a perfect example of a drop halo.

Avant-Garde Timeless Engagement Ring

Something old, something new

Though drop halo is seen as a growing trend among engagement ring styles, however, it’s not a new style. This style is common in vintage style engagement rings, dating back to 1920s, so it is not rare for today’s bride and her great-grandmother to have engagement rings of the same style.

This can be seen in Bridal Bells engagement rings from Angel Design.

Bridal Bells engagement rings

It comes with a central stone in all shapes and sizes

Halo looks great surrounding a diamond of any shape – round, square, emerald, princess. The most popular shapes are round, princess and cushion cuts. Take a look at this Bridal Bells diamond engagement ring with central blue diamond. Also, the halo itself can be in various shapes and sizes. The round halo is the most common one, but you can also find in a four sided square shape. The halo’s shape is usually made to match the shape of a central diamond.


Celebrities love it

In case you haven’t’ seen it, Blake Lively proudly wears a drop halo engagement ring, made out of rose gold, with a big oval center diamond.

celebrities love halo rings

It emphasizes the beauty of your ring

If it weren’t for the halo, the center diamond wouldn’t look as big as it looks surrounded by tiny white diamonds. Apart from protecting it, halo also enhances the beauty and the size of the center diamond, visually making it appear bigger than other engagement rings. They maximize the shine of the diamond, giving it that extra bling effect.

It spreads from rings to other pieces of jewelry

This halo setting doesn’t stop at engagement rings now. The drop halo craze can now be seen in necklaces (especially statement necklaces), bracelets and earrings. You can see halo-set jewelry being worn on the red carpet and other gala events.

So is this drop halo just another jewelry trend and is this craze going to pass? According to Bride UK magazine, the drop halo engagement ring style is one of the most popular in 2017. It may be a trend, however, since this setting has a timeless design at the core of it, it is very unlikely that it will ever vanish completely from the engagement rings market. The drop halo design is here to stay – thanks to its timelessly modern design.


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