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How To Choose the Right Diamond Cut for your Beloved

How To Choose the Right Diamond Cut for your Beloved

You’ve finally met your dream girl, and now you’re ready to pop the question. You can picture it all in your mind, the romantic setting, her surprise then delight as you go down on one knee and say those four magic words “Will you marry me?” and present her with a stunning engagement ring.

And then the picture collapses and the panic sets in. The ring. This is where it gets tricky. Will it suit her? Will she like it? Will she still like it in 10 or 20 years?

To make sure the answer to these questions (and yours) is yes, you have to consider her taste in jewelry. You already know what type of metal she prefers, so that’s a no-brainer, it’s the cut (shape) of the stone you need to focus on.

Round cut engagement rings are by far the most popular, so if she’s a lover of classical elegance this might be the best choice.

Another popular cut for engagement rings is the princess cut, and it dates back to the 1970’s. The square shape uniquely reflects light and will bring out the sparkle in her eye. Perfect for women who like to be a little different, or favor geometric designs in jewelry.

For ladies who like to be more than a little different, consider something more unconventional, like a heart or pear-shaped diamond.

And for those who love glamor and glitz, French cut engagement rings are a must. French cut doesn’t refer to the shape of the central stone but to the setting. The main diamond is surrounded by smaller ones like in this beautiful round diamond set in a French twist.

These are just some of the diamond cuts available, but since you’re in the best position to know what she’ll love, browse our extensive collection of engagement rings and trust your own judgment.


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