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Diamonds in Films: Jewels Sparkle on the Big Screen

Diamond Jewerly used in films

Diamonds have long been considered the pinnacle when it comes to natural stones, so it is not surprising that unique and luxurious diamond jewelry featured in films can become iconic. Over the years, diamonds in movies have captivated audiences, and some movies are specifically remembered in part due to the beautiful jewelry featured. Some of…

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All About Us: Get to Know Angel Jewelry Designs

Image of couple holding hands. Picture features their wedding rings.

At Angel Designs Jewelry, we take great pride in providing exemplary services and products to each and every one of our clients. We are more than just a jewelry retailer—we go above and beyond to ensure that we exceed our clients’ expectations in order to create an unmatched experience. Custom Designed Jewelry One of the…

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2017 Engagement Ring Trends

Image of man proposing to a beautiful young blond woman. The man is holding a bouquet of red roses and a diamond engagement ring.

Before saying yes to the love of your life at your wedding, you should be in love with the engagement ring that will be on your finger for the rest of your life. Choosing the most important piece of jewelry that you will wear is no easy task, especially nowadays. With a simple internet search,…

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