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Top Tips for Choosing the Right Engagement Ring for Your Man

Engagement rings for men

So, you are thinking about popping the question to that special guy in your life, and are wondering how to propose to a man. That’s simple, get down on one knee, pop the question and show him the ring.

That’s the easy part. The question is what type of ring? As always when buying jewelry, it comes down to finding the right piece, not only to commemorate the occasion, but also to match your intended’s personality.

Fortunately, as the trend for men’s engagement rings is still relatively young, in its first decade, it is not yet bound by convention; there are no traditions to be adhered to. This leaves you free to choose just about anything, although for some people, too much choice can be as bad, or worse, than too little. This can be particularly true when buying for a man, especially when it is something that may grace his finger for the rest of his life. So we have prepared some tips as a guide to choosing that special ring for that special man.

  1. Budget

The first and foremost question is; How much are you willing and able to spend? Traditionally, a man is expected to spend two or three times their monthly salary when buying an engagement ring for a woman. As we have pointed out, however, no such traditions exist when buying engagement rings for men. So it is entirely up to you how much you spend and will depend on the style of engagement ring you buy and how long he will wear it for. Many men will only want a simple engagement ring to wear until it is replaced by their wedding band, others may want a lavish piece of jewelry they can wear forever and which will, ultimately, compliment their wedding band.

  1. Personality

What’s his personality? Does he like to wear jewelry anyway? Does your beloved already sport a diamond stud? If he does, the chances are he would be delighted to wear a diamond encrusted engagement ring. If he is more reserved, however, something a little more discreet might be more to his taste. You should also consider whether he will wear this ring forever, or just as a symbol until it is replaced by his wedding ring.  If it is merely a stand-in for the wedding band, you can be as unconventional as you (and he) would like, as he will only be wearing it for a limited time anyway. If it is the former and this engagement ring is for life then choosing a material that is long lasting in a style that he will be willing to wear forever would be the better option.

  1. Lifestyle

This is an important but often overlooked factor in choosing any jewelry, especially engagement rings. Does your man work with his hands? Is he sporty? Does he like to keep his hands in his pockets? If the answer to any of the questions above is yes, a rounded, comfort fit band would be the best choice as it will not snag on clothes or cause accidental injury to teammates or competitors. A more complex design might be more appropriate for business men, actors or others who need to command attention.

We hope that the tips above have been useful, but the most important thing to remember is that, whatever ring you decide to purchase, it is a symbol of your love, and if it is bought with love, it will be received with love. And at Angel Design Jewelry we love nothing more than to satisfy our customers so visit our store or browse our extensive collection of Male Engagement Rings online. And practice going down on one knee gracefully, that’s the really hard part!


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