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Looking for the Perfect Diamond? Try Our Online Diamond Finder

Online Diamond Finder

A diamond is forever.

This is why when shopping for one, it is important for you to know you have got the best possible stone for your budget and purpose.

This is not always easy, given the sheer range of choice available. First, there are so many different shaped diamonds available, do you want a round, cushion, heart or pear shaped diamond. If the diamond is for an engagement ring carat, which refers to weight, may not be as important as clarity, which determines the brilliance of the diamond. After all, every girl deserves a bit of sparkle in her life.

These are just two of the many factors involved in choosing a diamond. You must also take into consideration color, cut, polish, symmetry, and, of course, price. We at Angel Designs Jewellery know that standing in the middle of a busy shop trying to take in all this information and reach a decision can be an overwhelming experience, especially for first-time buyers. This is why we have introduced our online diamond finder, to allow you time to do your research and consider these questions in the comfort and relaxation of your own home.

All you have to do is choose your desired shape from the available range, then, enter your choices for the other factors using the sliding scales, and click Search. You will immediately see what we have available in our stock. Once you have found a diamond you are interested in, contact us as soon as possible, as the diamond market is very fast moving. For the same reason, if we currently have nothing that interests you in stock, don’t despair; simply try again the next day.

So, try our diamond finder today, and maybe you’ll meet your new best friend!


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