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Guide to Buying the Right Diamond Pendant

Image of a beautiful precious piece around model’s neck

Choosing the right diamond pendant is a treasure of an experience, and there is much that goes into the selection process. The perfect pendant serves as a symbol of love and faith. A diamond accessories personal style tastefully, but also makes a long-lasting statement.

Beyond making the appropriate selection for your occasion and personal style, there are certain aspects to note, such as cut, color, and clarity. Read along for tips on how to make the best diamond pendant selection.

How to choose amongst diamond pendant designs:

  • When looking at cuts, opt for the most reflective diamond. Cut refers to the depth and precision of slice. Shallow stones will give a glassy appearance. Deep stones appear dim and dull. The perfect cut reflects the light that hits the center of its surface.
  • The color is commonly misunderstood when it comes to quality of diamonds. Although natural diamond stone appears colorless or clear, most cuts don a yellow or brown tint. The color scale ranges from pure white to noticeably colored. This scale does not account for rare, ‘fancy’ diamond colors such as blue, pink or canary yellow.
  • Clarity speaks to a diamond crystallization process. When a stone appears darker or dimmer, it is likely because, during its formation, a fleck of carbon or other mineral was inside the crystalline structure. This teeny fleck thus reflects itself throughout the stone as light casts on the diamond. When grading clarity, a lower number denotes a clearer diamond. Clarity is reflective of the stone’s formative perfection.
  • Opt for a diamond pendant set. A pendant set makes matching a seamless process. Matching a diamond necklace with appropriate earrings can be laborious if the wearer is not adequately equipped with diamond accessories. Pendant sets are tasteful, appropriately sized and can suit many occasions.
  • Picking the right shape will depend on personal preference, occasion and how the shape looks on the wearer. Pendant shapes come in hearts, circles, initials, religious symbols, clusters, solitaire, flowers, three-stone, journey and more. If the pendant is a gift, a shape symbolic of the gift’s occasion is a beautiful sentiment to guide you through the shape selection process.
  • Add your personal touch and design diamond pendant sets or pieces that speak your personality and creative style.
  • If the diamond is intended to be a gift, include a chain in the metal that the recipient usually wears. This could range amidst platinum, yellow gold or white gold. By selecting a chain in their preferred material, it will be easier for the recipient to match the gift with their existing jewelry collection.
  • Bigger is not always better. A small pendant with intricate clarity will make a more dominant statement than a large pendant with mediocre clarity. Remember to evaluate cut, color and clarity of your stone. A simple stone that grades well in these areas is a coveted gem.
  • Choose the right chain. Diamond solitaires look best on choker and princess length chains.
  • Match a pendant setting to the color of the stone. If a stone is tinted yellow or brown (very common, not a sign of poor quality), a yellow gold setting will absorb some of that color. A white diamond, however, is best highlighted by a platinum or white gold setting.

Angel Designs offers exquisite diamond accessories and diamond pendant set designs. Whether you are looking for a classic piece or want to work with our team to design we own, our friendly staff is here to help you. Reach out when you’re ready to get to browsing and picking out the best diamond for your lifestyle.


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