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How to Find the Perfect Diamond Necklaces with Matching Rings

Diamond Pendant and Ring match

With every good piece of jewelry comes a standard set of golden guidelines by which to abide. Diamonds and pendants are two pieces we treasure most, so we must be especially careful to respect the rules they carry.

Angel Design’s Do’s and Don’ts of Diamonds

  • Diamonds are not for daytime. Except for an engagement ring, diamonds are best treasured after dusk. The twinkle of a diamond excites the twinkle of the beholder’s eye; it is a glimmer of lust that is best left for the hours after the sun escapes our sight.
  • Diamond stud earrings can be cooled down by popping in a second piercing of the same stone.
  • Layer your pendant diamond necklace to make your stone more casual. Aim for three chains of different lengths, with one or two pendants on each. A bit of clutter will detract from the attention of your diamond. If you are dressing your outfit casually for a concert or a trendy happy hour, layers like this are ideal.
  • A large pendant is best draped on a long necklace. Several pendants can be looped on the long chain to dress a look down.
  • Pairing pendants with rings requires precise attention to detail. It’s okay to pair silver and gold, but be mindful of balancing the two. Two-tone jewelry can pair with solid gold or silver.
  • Dress up your denim with diamonds. As long as we’re talking nighttime hours, diamonds are a trendy, unprecedented way to make a biker look chic and bring subtlety to the beauty of your diamond.
  • Younger diamond bearers should keep custom design jewelry Small pendant earrings, a miniature ring with a petite stone or a modest pendant will suffice for girls before they become women.
  • Diamonds can be retro, too. Diamonds come with all sorts of long-time, old-fashioned rules. Use that stigma to your advantage as you pair pendants or rings with antique jewelry. Balance your simple diamond pendants with vintage cocktail rings or retro earrings.
  • Align diamond with skin tone, clothing habits, and personal style. In general, brown hair and tanned skin is best complemented by yellow gold. Blond hair, blue eyes and fair skin or brown hair and fair skin shine in silver. Rose gold is reserved for red or venetian blond.
  • Small and curvy silhouettes best don simple, refined necklaces that are careful not to distract from the body’s shape. Larger bodies boast confidence and elegance in chains.
  • A diamonds by the inch necklace can be embraced solo. This piece is strong and beautiful enough to stand on its own.
  • Chokers are meant to emphasize the bust, so pair accordingly! If the outfit has little intention of embracing the bust, a choker might not be the perfect choice. Chokers are an exception to the over-pairing rule. Diamond earrings look striking next to the high, diamond collar.

A diamond is forever treasured by its owner and onlookers; respecting the rules around the precious adornments only adds to their delicacy.

Of course, we know many rules as meant to be broken. A diamond’s possessor should boost the confidence of its stone and know when to break which rules. A fine stone shines brightest when paired to perfection with the personality of its owner. Be brave, be bold, be beautiful and respectful; but most of all, be you!

Be sure to check out Angel Designs for perfectly stunning diamonds pendants and pieces.


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